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12 Books I'm Adding to the momentum consulting Library in 2018

Posted by Hilary Hamblin on Dec 8, 2017 11:50:36 AM

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I LOVE reading. My family recently moved houses and the boxes of books surprised even me. I’m always on the lookout for new books and have found some fantastic resources for the best small business marketing, non profit marketing and leadership books I haven’t read yet.While I enjoy the ease of reading on my phone or tablet, I also want to make these books available to my team, so I’m buying hard copies to build a company library for Momentum Consulting.

1. The Ideal Team Player

Patrick Lencioni spoke on a Entreleader podcast several months ago. His explanation of the hungry, humble, smart characteristics of the ideal team player explained perfectly my struggles with hiring. Most small businesses are great at what they do, but hate the hiring process. Sound familiar? This book might be for you too.

2. Leaders Made Here

Mostly I love Chick-fil-A chicken (we're a Mississippi business what do you expect?), so when I heard about this book written by a Chick-fil-A executive, I was already all in. Almost all my recent hires have been new college grads. As my company scales, I want to be able to promote from within, but that means I need to develop my staff for those positions. I’m super excited to put this book in my company library.

3.Playing the Game Without a Coach

One of my goals is to read more books written by people who are different than me. The brief story of Benjamin Raymond listed on the Amazon description has me hooked.

4. Own It

As a female business owner, I enjoy reading about strong women who have achieved greatness. Author Sallie Krawcheck is one of the highest ranked women to have ever worked on Wall Street. She’s now helping other women reach their own financial goals. Women helping women. I’m in.

5. Blue Ocean Shift

Another podcast find, this book isn’t about doing all the old things better but finding the new frontiers in your industry and doing what no one else is doing now. In a noisy and crowded marketplace, we must be different or be lost in the sea of sameness.

6. It’s Not Rocket Science

I LOVE a story about someone who came from very humble beginnings and rose to great heights. If the reviews of this book are true, it’ll be a great summer read to keep me motivated and inspired for those long, hot southern summer months. (The rest of you Mississippi small business people know what I'm talking about.)

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7. The Aisles Have Eyes

The ability to track so much about my clients and my clients customers intrigues me but it also creeps me out. This book may a bit of a conspiracy theory background, but I’m interested to read the predictions of the future of tracking technology.

8. Hug Your Haters

As I’m searching for a few additional books to add to the end of my list, this title just keeps popping up. Customer service alone isn’t enough to set your company apart. We receive a lot of questions about how to handle negative social media interactions. If you’re concerned about managing your reputation on social where anyone can say anything about you, this book will need to make your list too.

9. Pre-Suasion

Marketing includes an element of sociology and psychology. How we word our headlines, the images we use, when we reach out to people--it all influences buying behavior. Never miss an opportunity to delve deeper into either of these subjects.

10. Shoe Dog

One of my favorite reads in recent years is FUBU founder Daymond John’s, Display of Power. A book from the creator of Nike seems like a natural follow up.

11. Everybody Writes

Ann Hadley’s Content Rules shaped my content strategy. I’ve been a writer since my early teens, but I can always use a refresher on my writing skills. Any honest writer will admit they need a writing refresher from time to time.

12. Marching Off the Map

As I mentioned, most of my staff come to me as brand new college grads. Understanding the differences in generations means I’m a better employer and can help my employees succeed in their jobs--which means we all win.

What’s on your reading list this year? Any books we’ve missed that we need to add to our library?

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