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Houzz's Most Popular Stories and Your Home Improvement Marketing Strategy

Posted by Telina Johnson on Jan 9, 2018 10:04:10 AM

Momentum Consulting Houzz's Most Popular Stories Home Improvement Marketing Strategy

Since its launch in 2008, Houzz has become the go-to online site for finding ideas, products, and contractors in the home improvement and home construction industries. One of Houzz’s most popular features is the stories section. There you’ll find articles covering everything from how to feed plants for a healthier garden to “tours” of Houzz’s favorite homes. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found myself getting lost in stories like “What It’s Really Like to Live in a Frank Lloyd Wright House” or “How to Refresh Your Kitchen on Any Budget” when I’m updating a page for a client. I’m sure if you’ve spent any time at all on Houzz, you’ve done the same and so have your clients, which brings me to today’s point--Houzz’s most popular stories topics are crucial to an effective home improvement marketing strategy. Here’s why:


One quick search of Houzz’s most popular articles revealed five recurring topics:

  • Monthly home to-do checklists
  • How-to’s
  • Do’s and Don’ts
  • Color Trends
  • Outdoor/gardening tips and trends


Depending on the month or season, the subjects covered under these topics vary a bit. For instance, we’re currently in the month of January so the monthly home checklist column written by Houzz’s Laura Gaskill included organization tips and insulating exposed water pipes. Last month the column included making room for guests, simplifying the holidays, and preparing for winter storms. Come spring, the focus will change to dusting off porch furniture and putting away heavy winter accessories. No matter what season it is, Gaskill’s monthly column continually ranks among the most popular articles. Why does this matter to you? Because these are the topics your clients care about most and covering these topics on your Houzz profile will boost your contractor marketing efforts.


Houzz’s list of most popular stories on their site gives an idea of what clients may look for when exploring home improvement business websites. In addition to learning about your services, clients also use company websites to find information relating to a product or service the business offers. For instance, if you own a company that installs outdoor products like swimming pools or sheds, potential customers may visit your page in hopes of finding an article on repairing a leak in an outdoor water pipe. Providing articles on subjects related to your business assures potential and first-time customers of your expertise and abilities, thus generating new home improvement leads.


There are couple of ways you can use Houzz’s most popular articles for your own online marketing strategy. One option is to perform a search to find the site’s most popular topics and then creating content based around these topics. You can write your own blogs on these topics, or you can link to the actual Houzz article on your social media pages or website.


Another approach is to save popular articles to ideabooks on your Houzz profile. Ideabooks are created by saving photos and articles posted by other Houzz users and writers. Though you’re sharing work done by others, you’re also making your Houzz page a trusted source for clients to glean ideas and information for their own home improvement or renovation plans. Becoming a trusted source is perhaps the most important step in your Houzz marketing strategy.


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