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How Google Analytics Segements Boost Home Improvement Marketing Plans

Posted by Hilary Hamblin on Feb 10, 2017 11:02:58 AM

More than likely, when you set up your home improvement company’s website the designer added the code for Google Analytics. Maybe you’ve looked through the data a few times every month to see what your website traffic looks like, where it’s coming from and what’s working best. What you really want to know is more specifics about the people who are visiting your website and how your contractor marketing plan is working.

With a few minutes invested now, you can review specific data on your website visitors every time you pull up your Google Analytics, making it more valuable to your home improvement marketing plan.

To keep it simple (because you have actual customers and a sales team who need your help), we’re going to walk you through setting up a few segments in your analytics so you can have a better idea of who is visiting your site.

Once you log into your analytics dashboard, slick “Segments” next to “All Users”.

Google Analytics Home Improvement Leads

Then click the red “New Segment” button.

lead for home improvement

Now you get to decide what you want to know about your audience. As you can see from the next screen, you can pull segments of your audience in a lot of different ways. We’re going to start with something easy and pull information on just those website visitors who come from Facebook. To do this choose “Traffic Sources” and the fill in the blank next to “Source” with “facebook.com”. At the top create a name for this segment and click “Save”. (You can very easily change this to houzz.com if you're interested in how your Houzz marketing is working over Facebook.)

lead generation companies for contractors

Now you can see how many visitors the site received from Facebook (or the site you chose) compared to overall visits. By creating segments for each social media site you use for marketing, you can very easily tell which site is driving the most traffic. An excellent resource if you're debating the Pinterest vs Houzz advertising conumdrum.

contractor marketing

But, Hilary, you’re saying, I can very easily find that same information through my Channels link on the dashboard. All those clicks and changes are cool, but how really helpful is that? You’re right. It’s a fancy way of getting the same information. But what if you could do more? What if you could tell how many of those Facebook visits were using their mobile devices?

You can create a segment from any section within your analytics dashboard. Go ahead and click down to the “Channels” tap under “Acquisition”.

home improvement marketing


Now follow the same steps above to click on “Segments” and “Add Segment”. You’ll see this familiar box again. Fill in the same information to track traffic sources from Facebook. But instead of saving this time, click on “Technology”.

how to use houzz for marketing

From the Technology screen, fill in “mobile” in the “Device Category” box. Then create a new segment name (we use ABC Contractor Facebook & Mobile) and click “Save”.

contractor marketing

Now you’re looking at when people using a mobile device came to your website from Facebook. Well, that’s interesting. In the middle of the week, mobile traffic from Facebook decreases significantly.

contractor marketing

How does that compare with general traffic to your website from Facebook? Let’s look. Next to the segment you’ve selected, click the “Add Segment” button again.

lead generation companies for contractors

Now choose both the segments you just created and click “Apply”.

Home improvement leads

Now you can compare the data.

home improvement leads

You can create segments for just about anything you want to know (i.e. Pinterest vs Houzz). If you’ve enabled audience demographics, you can see how many people in a specific age group from a certain region of your state visited your website through Instagram. Setting up the segments takes a very short period of time, but you can access and use these segments over and over again.

Seeing all this information from you website is really cool, but how do you make it make sense for your business? You don’t have time to play around in Google Analytics just for the heck of it. What you really want is to increase leads for home improvement projects.

Before you start setting up segments, know what you want to know. What targeting information is most important to your business? Now, are you reaching those demographics? Knowing which channels are helping you to most effectively reach your demographics can influence where you spend your digital advertising dollars. If you are already spending digital advertising dollars, are they reaching the right demographics? If not, is it the method or the message?

The great thing about Google Analytics if the price tag (FREE!) compared to many of the lead generation companies for contractors out there. The cost comes in setting up the reporting to get the information you need, but you’re already half-way there now.

If your website traffic isn’t where you want it to be, or you’re getting the traffic but your home improvement leads aren’t where they need to be, let’s talk. A few simple strategies we've use in marketing for contractors can boost your traffic, lead generation and ultimately sales.

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