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How to Learn Local Facebook Ads for Free

Posted by Hilary Hamblin on Oct 17, 2018 9:39:00 AM

Learn local Facebook ads

Last month we taught a Local Facebook Ads Course live here in North Mississippi. We had a great group of participants and had several people approach us about taking the class via a webinar. We’re working on opening that option in future, but for now, we’re sharing some resources we’ve used to learn local Facebook ads best practices, strategies and tactics.

Social media changes faster than a cheetah running after raw meat. Publishing operates so slowly that books about social media marketing are outdated before they hit the shelves. The lag leaves even new graduates who studied social media in college out of the loop if they don’t continue to learn after their class ends. Luckily true marketing strategies continue to work even through social media’s ebb and flow.

If you weren’t able to attend our Local Facebook Advertising Course or even if you were, you can hone your skills from your laptop, smartphone or tablet. Start with these great resources:

  1. Facebook Blueprint

Want to know how Facebook ads work? Go straight to the source. Think about it, if your ads on Facebook work, you’ll spend more money and place more ads, which means Facebook grows richer by the day. Everybody wins. Facebook wants your ads to succeed. They put together this resource with information for beginners as well as advanced ads users. The downside we’ve found to Blueprint it sometimes finding the exact information you want takes watching quite a few videos. And once you have your ads up and running, Facebook doesn’t offer a review of those ads to offer any suggestions on how to make them more successful. Which is where the next resource comes in.

2. Facebook Groups

We participate in several Facebook Groups which include both experienced, successful marketers as well as small business owners growing their company using Facebook ads. Not only are we able to keep up with the latest tactics working on Facebook ads, but members can share their ads and receive feedback. These groups can be especially helpful if your ad isn’t performing the way you like to see it perform. Two groups we’ve found helpful are FB Marketing Mastery and Local Business Facebook Ad Buyers.

3. Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner includes tons of articles and resources related to all things social media. They also have an entire page with links to all their articles about creating and running Facebook ads. Want to spend less on Facebook ads or analyze your ad results? Click right to their article on those topics. This resource is quoted widely by other social media experts and is a trusted site for marketers.

4. Ad Examples from Ad Expresso

Nothing fires up creativity like seeing what’s working for others both in your industry and in industries like yours. Ad Expresso hosts a database of ad examples to get your creative juices flowing. One note: non-members are limited to a specific number of ads you can view without a paid membership.

5. Our Resources

We’re continually adding resources to our website. In addition to the articles already published, each month you’ll find new articles based on the latest Facebook strategy. You can sign up to receive those updates weekly in your inbox. We’re currently creating a series of articles on Facebook ads based on our recent Local Facebook Ads Course and plan to hold a webinar with the course information at the beginning of 2019. Stay tuned for that announcement!

In addition to these trusted resources, YouTube videos about Facebook ads abound as do blogs and podcasts. Before you jump down the rabbit hole of content, skim the comments, reviews and viewer numbers. Others who have found the information helpful or a time waster can alert you as to how informative the content actually is. In addition to free content, many marketers also sell courses and subscriptions to their ads services. Again, read reviews before shelling out your hard earned cash. The best courses will have reliable reviews.

Do you have a great resource for Facebook ads information? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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