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Instagram for Business 101

Posted by Telina Johnson on Oct 11, 2018 12:37:53 PM

Instagram is quickly becoming a favorite avenue for social media advertising among business owners for good reason. According to Instagram, more than 200 million users visit a business profile daily. Of those users, 60% said they discover new products on the platform.


Like Facebook, Instagram has become one of business owners and marketers’ favorite avenues of marketing and advertising to customers. But also like Facebook, Instagram can be a dud if you don’t know how to make it work for you. Luckily, we’re giving you a crash course on how to do just that in today’s blog.


How to Create an Instagram for Business Account

Step One: Create an Instagram Account

Insta won’t work at all if you’re not on it. If you haven’t already, create an account. After creating the account, go to the profile tab to add your name, username, profile picture, short bio and website link.


Step Two: Convert to a Business Account

Once it’s set up, connect it to your Facebook business page so you can convert the account to a business account. This step is all you’ll need to convert your Instagram account into a business account. Like with Facebook, an Instagram business account allows you to view important stats related to your page including real-time metrics and insight into your followers and how they interact.


How to Make your Instagram Page Rock

Hear me now. What works for Facebook will not work for Instagram. What works for Instagram sometimes also works for Facebook. Though these two pages are connected, you need a totally different strategy for both. Check out these tips on how to create an Instagram page your followers will love.


Show your flair.

Instagram is loved by creative types which means you’ll have to get on their level to make your page stand out from the rest. Instagram is not about selling your product, it’s about focusing on the solutions your products or services offer...in a creative way. As one marketing expert put it, Instagram is about adding value to your products or services while looking pretty. Own a clothing boutique? Don’t post images of your clothing, post images of a model wearing the clothing. This shows your followers how your product could possibly work for them.


You don’t have to spend a ton of cash creating posts for Instagram. Most users use the tools they already have, like a smartphone with a high-res camera and employees who are willing to pose for the camera.

To thy own brand be true.

Get as creative as your little heart desires, just be sure whatever you’re posting stays relevant to your brand. Although food, fashion, and animals are basically the perfect formulae for a top ten Instagram post, they may not relate to your business which is why posting an image of a cute kitten may leave your followers confused. If you really want to include a cuddly animal or a delicious meal in your post, find a way to relate it back to your brand.


Hashtags are everything.

Well, not everything. With some social sites, the effect of hashtags is not as impactful as it is on Instagram and Twitter. But on Instagram, users perform searches using hashtags and click on hashtags in posts to view relevant content. The best way to find trending hashtags that are relevant to your brand is to research what your competitors or other businesses in your industry are using for their page. Don’t go overboard. Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags in one post but that’s a bit much. In the case of hashtags, quality over quantity wins out every time.


Instagram Stories are the new Snapchat Stories.

Like their Facebook and Snapchat counterparts, Instagram Stories are photos and videos that can be viewed chronologically to tell a story, if you will, during a 24-hour period. Business owners love using Stories for a number of reasons. Images and videos used on Stories can be more raw, less pretty than those used for the Instagram feed, making Stories perfect for a “behind the scenes” or “a day with…” post. These types of posts make you and your business more endearing to followers, who feel like they are getting to know you and your business on a more personal level. Stories also offers interactive features like polls that can be added to your story to increase engagement. Another great feature recently added to Stories? The ability to share posts about your business, products or services in your own story feed.


Don’t just post, promote!

Instagram is like an online showcase for your brand. Why wouldn’t you use it to offer promotions or discounts that are exclusive to your Instagram followers? Take advantage of the biography at the top of your page to include a website link to current promotions, events or offers from your business. Plus, Instagram now offers a payment feature which means your followers can make purchases directly from your posts.



Now that you’ve had this crash course on Instagram business, it’s time to put our advice to work. Still don’t know where to begin? That’s okay, we can help with that, too. Momentum Consulting offers FREE consultation appointments to help you figure out how to kickstart a social media marketing strategy that will increase your bottom line. Click here to request your consultation now.


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