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Should You Add SnapChat to Your Inbound Marketing Plan?

Posted by Brandi Torre on Jan 10, 2018 3:00:00 PM


snapchat inbound marketing plan

Much to teenager’s chagrin, SnapChat has had a growing appeal to older audiences. In 2016, ComScore reported the demographic trends for smartphone apps in the study Cross Platform Future in Focus. The study showed variations in the use of social media during the years 2013-2015. The report included Facebook, LinkedIn, SnapChat, Vine, and Twitter.

In April 2013, only 2% of those age 35 and older used SnapChat compared with 5% of those age 25-34, and 24% of those age 18-24. By December 2015, those figures increased to 8%, 31%, and 64% respectively. In March 2017, as reported by Forbes, 85% of SnapChat daily users were between the ages of 18-34, but the fastest growing demographic were users age 35 and older.

SnapChat is not the first social media platform to be “overtaken by old people.” As on other social media platforms before it, older users could broaden advertisers reach. Forbes predicts, “Snap will inevitably come under pressure from investors to become bigger and more valuable which won’t just mean monetizing each user more successfully, but also increasing scale.”

Learn the Rules of The Game

If you’re interested in expanding your social media marketing plan to include SnapChat, my first question is do you have a personal SnapChat? If you don’t, I suggest you get one before you make that commitment with your business. Get some hands on experience with the app, learn the culture of the SnapChat community, and learn how the mechanics work.

Whenever you join a social media platform, it’s like going to a party where you have to fit in. Then, you stand out with your personality and all the good things you bring to the table. You don’t want to stand out for being awkward on the platform.

Don’t be Professional

The entire point of SnapChat is to be silly and secretive. There’s no need to be professional. Find a way to show off your company without being promotional. Behind the scenes, special sneak peaks, and calls to action are all great ways to engage your audience on SnapChat. Maybe ask your audience to take a snap with your product, or send people on a mission.

Collaborate with Influencers

If you’re new to SnapChat, find someone who already has a lot of SnapChat followers. If you feel you both could benefit, consider asking them to take over your SnapChat for a week. It doesn’t even have to be an influencer, it could be someone who works in your company. If it shows off the people in your company and creates fun and engaging content, that’s great!

Leverage Your Other Social Media

Leverage your other social media accounts to grow your SnapChat. Cross promotion is a major key to your success on SnapChat . To grow your audience, you’ll need to use the power of your other social media networks and digital marketing channels. To promote your account on these other profiles, simply grab your Snapcode and create an easy-to-share graphic. Then replace your profile pic with your Snapcode graphics. Also, place your SnapChat username in the bio of your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. accounts. You’ll find you quickly start gaining followers from those accounts.

Remember SnapChat is supposed to be fun and spontaneous. Not every social media platform is appropriate for every business. If you’re building a detailed inbound marketing plan, and you want SnapChat to be included in your social media, you can find detailed information on putting together your inbound plan in our checklist.New Call-to-action

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