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What does culture mean for a small or medium sized business?

Posted by Hilary Hamblin on Feb 21, 2018 9:18:06 AM

One of my goals this year is to read one business book every month. My selections so far have centered a lot around culture. I’m also listening to a lot of podcasts and again the topic always comes back to culture. We often think about the culture of a business in relation to a large corporation. Creating an effective company culture is easier, however, before you scale to the thousands of employees spread all over the globe.

So what does culture mean?

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How Winn-Dixie's website accessibility loss may put your SMB at risk.

Posted by Hilary Hamblin on Nov 3, 2017 2:36:04 PM

Earlier this summer, Winn-Dixie lost a lawsuit filed against it by Juan Carlos Gil. Gil, a blind Winn-Dixie customer, sued the grocery store because he could not use the Winn-Dixie website to search for coupons or refill his prescriptions. Gil has filed over 70 similar lawsuits alleging company websites violate the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Judge Robert Scola, of the Southern District of Florida ruled in favor of Gil because the Winn-Dixie website is so integrated with its physical stores that the website was also subject to ADA compliance.

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Content Auditing Part 2: How to Conduct the Audit

Posted by Telina Johnson on Aug 28, 2017 11:02:00 AM

Today, we’re continuing with part two of our three-part series on content auditing. In part one of this series, we defined content auditing and shared why your company needs to perform an audit. In this post, we’re giving you a step-by-step guide on how to conduct a content audit.

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Content Auditing: What It Is and Why Your Company Needs It

Posted by Telina Johnson on Aug 21, 2017 9:48:57 AM

Content marketing is an essential force in today’s marketing strategies yet a 2013 survey conducted by B2B magazine revealed that a third of B2B marketers don’t know where their leads originate because they don’t track them. As an inbound marketing agency, we understand the importance of content audits and how it can change your business’s entire marketing outlook. In today’s blog, we’re beginning a three-part series giving you an in-depth look at content audits starting with exactly what a content audit is and why your business or company needs it for a successful content marketing plan.

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More than words: 7 Things You Need for High-Ranking Content

Posted by Telina Johnson on Aug 5, 2017 11:36:00 AM

Online content. You’ve heard the term, and you know it’s key for your online marketing strategy, but perhaps you don’t fully understand all of the elements that make up online content. You see, online content is so much more than well-written, informative words. It’s content with a purpose, with each page designed specifically and intentionally to both inform viewers and to be promoted as valued content worthy of high search engine ranks. From headlines to meta-descriptions to alt text for images, every piece of your content from beginning to end should be working to increase web traffic long after it’s posted to the web.

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Managing the Sales Vs Marketing Battle in the New Year

Posted by Hilary Hamblin on Jan 3, 2017 2:55:00 PM

A few weeks ago one of our clients discussed a proposed marketing plan with us. One of his major concerns was how his sales department would handle an increase of prospects during their busiest season. Companies across the U.S. echo this company’s concern. How much new business can they handle before they need to hire new staff and can they generate enough new business to justify the increase in staff long term?

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Prospecting for Donors & Your Website

Posted by Hilary Hamblin on Nov 30, 2016 10:27:45 AM

As a kid, the dollar store had a $1 grab bag near the register that my sister and I always begged our mom to buy. (I only wish they looked like the bags in this picture!) The unassuming brown paper bag held unknown treasures, much like your website analytics. Hiding behind all those numbers is a wealth of information, but it really only scratches the surface of what’s available for your organization to identify visitors to your site.

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Website Bounce Rates: Diagnosis and Cures

Posted by Hilary Hamblin on Oct 25, 2016 8:29:00 AM

If you’re talking about the cup holders in your car, stickiness isn’t a good thing. If you’re talking about your website, you’ve probably heard the term used in a more positive manner. Stickiness, when it comes to your website, measures how likely someone is to spend more time on your site. Google Analytics doesn’t have a sticky website metric, but it does measure your bounce rate, which is the opposite of a stickiness factor.

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3 Characteristics of a Good B2B Blog Story

Posted by Brandi Torre on Sep 23, 2016 10:22:16 AM

In the early days of blogging, a blog was basically an online journal. People blogged about having a wedding or losing weight. They used their blogs to track  how far they had come and to contemplate how much further they had to go. Putting the information out on the internet gave these bloggers the support of their followers on their journey.

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What Is Organic Website Traffic and Where Can I Buy Some?

Posted by Hilary Hamblin on Jun 28, 2016 8:30:00 AM
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