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Finding (and Utilizing) Local Social Media Influencers

Posted by Hilary Hamblin on Jun 5, 2018 10:52:44 AM



In 2012, Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, stepped out in a pair of Marks and Spencers caramel court shoes. Following her appearance, M&S sold one pair of the shoes every two minutes for at least seven days. That’s over 5,000 pairs of shoes.

The Duchess isn’t the only one whose fashion choices matter to brands. Whether it’s a Super Bowl commercial or a SnapChat take-over, major brands turn to celebrities to promote their products and services. Celebrities aren’t just royalty or the Hollywood elite, sometimes they reign over online kingdoms with successful blogs, YouTube channels or social media profiles.

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Tips for Avoiding Medical Jargon in Blog Articles

Posted by Hilary Hamblin on May 15, 2018 8:04:00 AM

When it comes to writing medical clinic blog and website content, keeping it simple is key. While medical professionals might understand medical jargon, most Americans don’t have the same understanding of these terms. Plus, if your patients have to turn to Google to decipher your content, you aren’t achieving your goals to inform and educate them. Here are a few tips to keep your copy simple and easy to understand.

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Five W's and an H for Starting a Facebook Group

Posted by Hilary Hamblin on May 11, 2018 9:00:00 AM



Whose voices are you looking for you in your community? As an entrepreneur or business owner, you may be looking to connect with other business builders who deal with similar issues like taxes, advertising, staffing or the cost of insurance. If you are a parent you may also want to connect with other parents with similarly aged children. If you’ve been diagnosed with a specific disease or illness you may want to share experiences with others who share your diagnosis.

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Is Pinterest a Social Network?

Posted by Telina Johnson on May 8, 2018 9:45:50 AM


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Updating Your Keyword Strategy: Topic Cluster, Pillar Page and You

Posted by Hilary Hamblin on Apr 18, 2018 8:04:00 AM

The one constant with digital marketing is that it’s always changing. Google once answered searches with results that contained the exact phrase searchers used. As search queries have changed and Google’s algorithm has become more sophisticated search results have become more reliable and more targeted.

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The Value of Stellar Customer Service in Medical Practices

Posted by Hilary Hamblin on Apr 13, 2018 8:03:00 AM


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Journalistic Integrity in Digital Content and Marketing

Posted by Telina Johnson on Apr 11, 2018 9:15:00 AM

Journalistic integrity. In this digital age where everyone believes they’re a journalist thanks to the power of social media, and fake news is preferred over factual stories, journalistic integrity -- a standard that was once the most important quality a news outlet could possess -- appears to be pretty low on the priority list.

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Facebook Ads: Does Your Church Marketing Strategy Need Paid Ads?

Posted by Hilary Hamblin on Apr 6, 2018 12:06:35 PM

In the golden days of newspapers many local newspapers had church pages which allowed churches to reach the community with service times and special events. Many local papers still offer this feature but with subscriptions falling the reach has dwindled. Facebook Ads offer a similar solution for churches who want to reach their local community.

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Topics: Social Media, Non-Profits, Marketing Ideas

Facebook Messenger: The New Church Email

Posted by Hilary Hamblin on Apr 6, 2018 11:07:17 AM

A February 2018 Shopaholics report confirms the decrease in website traffic from Facebook that social media marketers have experienced over the last year. From the second quarter of 2016 to the second quarter of 2017, referral traffic from Facebook to other websites decreased by 12.7%. Responsibility for this shift can be shared by Facebook's algorithm changes and Facebook users who are spending less time on the site and are viewing more videos.

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Facebook Live: Connecting Your Church Members

Posted by Hilary Hamblin on Apr 6, 2018 10:03:00 AM

Facebook’s live video streaming makes it easier than ever to stay connected with church members who are unable to attend your services. Streaming live on Facebook can be as easy as having a staff member or volunteer use their smartphone to stream services or events onto your church’s Facebook page or group.

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