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WordStream's Google Ads Mobile Benchmark Report

Posted by Hilary Hamblin on Oct 5, 2018 9:30:00 AM

run ads on Google

“How much does it cost to run ads on Google?”

This question ranks just under “how do I rank on the first page of Google?” in terms of the most common questions our clients ask. We lean heavily on our default answer: “it depends”.

WordStream, a digital company which assists businesses and marketing agencies with digital marketing, manages Google AdWords accounts for over 20,000 U.S. businesses. They pulled data from 18 industries and shared that information in an easy to read infographic.

Data from this many companies allows us to not only give our clients a little taste of what to expect for their industry, but it also allows us to measure our clients’ ad analytics with their industry. Although we manage ad accounts for a lot of rural companies, competition for many keywords remains strong regardless of a company’s geographic location. If anything, we see local companies in rural areas sport lower cost per click and higher click-through rates than their industry average.

How does this report affect my marketing?

If you’re already running Google AdWords campaigns, check your click-through-rates and cost-per-click rates to see how your campaigns stack up to the industry standard. Every ad campaign can always be improved, but understanding your industry’s benchmark allows you to know how much improvement you should expect.

If you aren’t yet running Google AdWords campaigns, use this guide to inform your decision. Hairdressers, arts and entertainment organizations and travel companies, for example, enjoy some of the highest click-through-rates and conversion-rates with lower than average cost-per-click. If your company operates in those industries, Google AdWords would be a great addition to your marketing plan.

Attorneys also enjoy a top click-through-rate, but their cost per click also ranks at the top of the chart. Google AdWords still offers a lot to law firms, but understanding the competitiveness of the industry allows an attorney to go into the experience with eyes wide open.

Ready to take a look at the chart for yourself? Click here to visit WordStream’s benchmark report.

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